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5 Essential Baseball Drills to Level up Your Team’s Fielding & Batting

A baseball pitcher in mid-throw, wearing a Imperial Point baseball uniform.

5 Essential Baseball Drills to Level up Your Team’s Fielding & Batting

At Imperial Point, we make custom baseball uniforms for teams of all player ages and abilities. We speak with a lot of baseball coaches and are fans of the game ourselves. Here are some of the essential drills we think coaches can use for improving their players’ fielding and batting skills.

From enhancing fielding fundamentals to perfecting batting techniques for higher averages, these drills are designed to sharpen your team’s skills and ensure your players are well-rounded and game-ready.

1. Past Ball to Teach Squaring Up

Fundamentals are key to baseball, and “squaring up” — positioning the body to face the incoming ball for optimal fielding directly — is about as fundamental as you can get. Set up a pair of pylons about ten feet apart and let your player know they must stay between them. A coach (or another player) will then try to throw ground balls to the player between the pylons, trying to get the ball past them. This teaches players to develop solid footwork and square up in front of the ball. 

2. Alligator Arms for Fielding Grounders

Like an alligator clamping down on its prey, catching a securely ground ball is a skill every baseball player needs to develop. Position your player about twenty feet away and throw ground balls to them. Instruct them to use both hands when securing the ball, ensuring it doesn’t bounce right out of their gloves. Stress the importance of staying focused on the ball until it is secured. It’s easy to let your attention lapse and lose focus on where you will be throwing the ball. However, carving out space to reinforce simply focusing on securing the ball will make the action more automatic when it matters most.

3. Relay to Estimate Ball Distance

Setting up a relay is one of the most impactful baseball drills that you can use to help your team practice how to accurately estimate the distance between themselves and the ball and react swiftly, and it is suitable for all age levels. Relays are versatile and can be adapted for various positions on the field. Start with three players: one in the outfield, one at the infield edge and the catcher.

Hit a ball toward the outfielder and have them throw to the next player standing at the infield line. The infielder then throws to the catcher, who pretends to tag a runner. This can easily be altered to have your second base player throw to first, who then throws to the catcher. The combinations are endless. 

For your infielder, the challenge lies in smoothly catching, pivoting and throwing — a sequence that’s harder than it sounds. Since there’s a natural limit to how far each player can throw, perfecting a well-coordinated relay system is vital. When practiced regularly, this approach proves far more effective than relying on an outfielder’s long throw to home plate.

A close-up of a baseball suspended above a person's hand, emphasizing the moment before a catch.

4. Wall Ball for Hand-Eye Coordination & Reaction Times

Try this dynamic exercise to enhance your players’ fielding skills. This drill requires players to throw a baseball against a wall, simulating various hits from a bat. It’s designed to sharpen their hand-eye coordination and improve their reaction time. This is important for responding to unpredictable game plays. It’s not just about quick reflexes; players refine their footwork and glove positioning, learning to read and react effectively to the ball’s trajectory.

Wall ball is necessary for infielders and outfielders to boost their defensive skills. It’s a straightforward drill requiring only basic gear but provides a thorough training session that enhances a range of vital baseball fielding abilities.

5. Batting Tee Drill for Swing Mechanics

Guide your players through the Batting Tee Drill, a batting skills drill that emphasizes perfecting swing mechanics, from stance and grip to follow-through. The use of a tee is particularly effective in isolating and perfecting these mechanics. Whether your players are newer to the game or seasoned athletes fine-tuning their techniques, this drill benefits all skill levels. It’s a cornerstone drill for cultivating power and precision in hitters, crucial for consistent, high-level performance at the plate.

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Mastering these essential baseball drills is your team’s ticket to top-notch performance and a sharper competitive edge. With every practice, you’ll see your players transform into a cohesive unit, ready to face any challenger that comes their way. Now, let’s make sure they look as professional as they play!

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