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Football Uniform Size Charts

Football Uniform Size Charts

Tackle the competition with football uniforms that fit as good as they look with our sizing guides for youth and adult football, flag football for men's, women's and youth leagues, as well as jerseys for fans! If you're looking for custom football uniforms, Imperial Point creates sublimated football jerseys as well as pants and flag football uniforms, or you can design your own!

Tackle football jerseys range in youth sizes from small (width 25-27″) to large (width 34-36″)and adult sizes (width 36-38″) from small to triple extra large (width 50-52″). 

If you’re looking for custom jerseys for youth or adult football leagues, check out our custom sublimated football jerseys.

Football pants come in youth sizes from 2-extra small (waist 17-19″) to extra large (waist 26-28″ and adult sizes from small (waist 28-29″) to 4 extra large (waist 38-40″).

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Football fans looking to support their team have many options of sizes, from youth small (width 30-31″) to extra large (width 36-37″) to adult small (width 40-42″) to triple extra large (width 53-55″) .

Mens flag football shorts range from size small (waist 28-30″) to triple extra large (waist 44-46″). 

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Boys flag football shorts range in sizes from extra small (waist 18-20″) to extra large (waist 26-28″).

Women’s flag football shorts range in sizes from small (waist 25-27″) to triple extra large (waist 38-40″).

Girls flag football shorts range in sizes from small (18-20″ waist) to large (22-24″ waist).