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Custom Baseball Jerseys

Custom Baseball Uniforms & Jerseys (Youth & Adult)

Our sublimated baseball jerseys are fully customizable with your team’s colors, logos, and player names. We have youth and men’s sizes available in full button down, two-button, v-neck, and crew neck jerseys, or you can design your own. Made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics, including Wicking Mesh, Pro Mesh, and Poly Spandex, our jerseys redirect sweat away from the player’s body. Plus, our quality and durable fabrics present the colors vividly with no bleeding or see-through. We also have size charts to ensure a perfect fit!

Youth baseball pitcher in a custom jersey.

Make a Statement On and Off the Diamond

Gear up with our custom baseball jerseys and uniforms to inspire your team’s confidence and underscore your unity. With our custom sublimated baseball jerseys and uniforms, you’re not just playing a game; you’re showcasing professionalism and a united front. Our tailored options cater to

  • Little leagues
  • School baseball teams
  • Amateur baseball clubs
  • Special tournaments (charity events, commemorative games, etc.)
  • And every baseball enthusiast in between

Celebrate your team’s identity and foster a sense of pride with bespoke baseball jerseys and uniforms that resonate with your team’s ethos.

What Are Sublimated Baseball Jerseys?

Sublimation is a state-of-the-art printing process that elevates the standard of custom baseball jerseys. It ensures that your designs are not merely on the fabric but part of it, preventing the common issues of fading and wear that come with screen printing. The result is a striking, durable baseball jersey built to last through every inning.

Gear Up with Custom Baseball Essentials

Elevate your game with Imperial Point’s comprehensive range of baseball gear, featuring custom-tailored batter jackets and baseball pants. Our batter jackets are designed to offer players comfort during those cool, tense moments on deck, while providing the freedom to move and stay game-ready. For the perfect fit and function, our custom baseball pants are constructed to not only withstand the rigors of the game but also to complement your team’s style with a professional, sleek look. Suit up with Imperial Point and ensure your team is outfitted for victory from head to toe.
custom sublimated baseball jerseys of different styles

Why Choose Imperial Point?

With a quality custom baseball uniform, your players will remain cool and comfortable throughout each inning. Beginning with high-quality moisture-wicking fabrics that draw sweat away from the body, we ensure durability. Our sublimated dye process guarantees that the vibrant design stays intact without bleeding, fading, or peeling, from the season’s start to the final play of the year. Customize your jerseys with your team’s name, logo, and colors, or collaborate with our designers to craft the ideal appearance. Swing for the fences with Imperial Point — where your team’s legacy begins.
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