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What Are the Benefits of Sublimated Basketball Jerseys?

A basketball player wearing an Imperial Point uniform holds a basketball in his left hand as he looks down toward the court. It's important to understand sublimated basketball jersey benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Sublimated Basketball Jerseys?

Choosing your basketball team’s jerseys can be difficult with so many options as you try to balance aesthetics with comfort. Sublimated basketball jerseys have gained popularity as the top choice for custom uniforms. While weighing your options, it’s important to understand the sublimated basketball jersey benefits compared to traditional styles.

We’ll explore why sublimated basketball jerseys are the best choice for your team when it comes to quality, comfort and custom design capabilities.

What are Sublimated Basketball Jerseys?

Sublimated basketball jerseys are made using a dye-sublimation printing process, infusing the design into the fabric. Everything from the colors, striping, logos, numbers and player names become part of the fabric rather than just printed on top. Compared to traditional screen printing, which lays ink on the material, sublimation integrates it into the threads.

How Does Sublimation Work?

Sublimation starts with digital designs created on graphic design software. These full-scale designs get printed onto paper using large-format printers. The paper is pressed onto the jersey fabric at high heat and pressure, which converts the dye into a gas. The gas infuses into the fabric, bonding the ink directly with the fabric molecules rather than sitting on top of the threads like screen printing. The results are sharp, seamless designs no matter how often the jerseys are worn and washed. 

While screen-printed jerseys are susceptible to bleeding colors and fading, sublimated jerseys maintain their crisp, consistent graphics and professional aesthetic. This advanced printing technology allows teams to create iconic, recognizable looks as they build unity on the court.

Product image of the home and game versions of a custom sublimated basketball uniform from Imperial Point with the words "Florida Future" and the number "36" on the front of both shirts.

Benefits of Sublimated Basketball Jerseys You Should Know

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality or appearance of your team’s uniforms. Still not sure why sublimated jerseys are the best? Here are some sublimated basketball jerseys benefits:

  • Vibrant: Designs will be more vivid and detailed, as they are the first thing printed into the fabric. Because the designs are printed directly into the fabric, they won’t peel, fade or bleed. Your team’s designs will remain vivid and crisp all season long.
  • Durability: Sublimated jerseys maintain integrity wash after wash, outlasting screen printed and embroidered jerseys. Your team’s best moments on the court shouldn’t be interrupted by their player number peeling off their jersey and falling to the floor. Replacing jerseys (especially mid-season) is very costly, so you’ll want to invest in team uniforms that are as strong as your players!
  • Comfortable: Sublimated jerseys are made with a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps players cool, dry and comfortable during intense gameplay. Sublimated jerseys are smoother without thick layers of dried ink or abrasive stitches.
  • Fully customizable: Since they are digitally designed, sublimation enables more complex designs like pinstripes, gradients and camouflage patterns than traditional methods. It also allows for a greater range of color choices not possible with conventional manufacturing. Sublimation allows for virtually endless jersey customization with any graphic, color, font or design element.

How to Design Your Team’s Sublimated Basketball Jerseys

Designing custom sublimated basketball jerseys for your team is easy, following a few key steps. Keeping comfort, performance and branding in mind, here is the general process to create uniforms your team will feel proud to wear:

  • Delivery and Turnaround Time: Plan timely delivery by contacting suppliers for production lead times. It’s best to plan well in advance to be sure you receive the uniforms in time for the season or whenever you need them. Be aware of rush shipping options if it becomes necessary.

  • Size and Fit: You’ll have to gather each of your players’ measurements. Ensure each player’s measurements are accurate to achieve the perfect fit. Consult size charts, try sample sizes and consider player preferences for fit and jersey length.

  • Choose your fabric: Select from various lightweight, breathable performance fabrics. We recommend moisture-wicking materials like polyester spandex blends to keep players comfortable.

  • Create your design: Unite your team with a customized logo, design and color palette representing your unique identity. If you don’t have a logo yet, work with a quality uniform provider like Imperial Point with a graphic designer on the team to help you create one.

  • Add player info: Add players’ numbers and names on the back of the jerseys for individual pride, recognition and visibility to fans.

  • Final review: Carefully review your custom jerseys’ digital proofs before production to ensure every detail is perfect.

Create Sublimated Basketball Jerseys for Your Team With Imperial Point

Basketball uniforms are vital for building team morale, confidence, pride and community, so you want to ensure they’re the best quality and value you can get for your team. Sublimated basketball jersey benefits like vibrant designs, unmatched comfort and durability make them the top choice for your team. Imperial Point offers high-quality sublimated custom basketball jerseys for men and women. You can customize our jerseys to fit your needs or create a design from scratch. Carefully crafted for maximum durability and peak performance on the court, our jerseys empower your team all season long.

Inspire your players and build team chemistry this season with custom basketball uniforms from Imperial Point. Call us today at 1-800-801-4884 or design your custom jersey online.

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